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Interview 24: Panagiotis Serdaris-Psychology talks

This time in DUBAI PROFILE NEWS (DPN) we do present a great personality, a Professor in Psychology, Mr. Panagiotis Serdaris. It is a really interesting interview from a person who has loads to say.

DPN: Professor Serdaris you lived many years in Bulgaria, during a difficult time. May you describe us that period of time?

PS: The social – politic ultimate systems do have the power within an X period to create a specific way of thinking and acting for a whole nation. The system of those years in Bulgaria managed to homogenize the society in the fields of finance, culture, education and work in exchange for their personal freedom and way of thinking. Something which we can still spot in some other countries nowadays.

DPN: What are the prospects for Bulgaria nowadays after entering the European Union?

PS: Bulgaria nowadays is living the dream, I could define it as an illusion somehow, and that managed to “open their eyes”. The privatization of everything along with the corruption in the society and in the financial sector changed totally the way of living of the people. When the country will be a 100% member of the European Union the people will turn into poverty as the cost of living will increase dramatically. Hopefully mistakes of mismanagement will not take place but nobody knows about that at this stage.

DPN: You are teaching psychology for many years. What the field of psychology means for you?

PS: Psychology is a field that nobody can claim that knows everything. In my specialty which is the “social psychology of management and personality”, it is quite challenging to understand the changes in the psychology of the society under the pressure of the social and economic trends that governments tend to apply worldwide.

DPN: Up to now you have a great academic career as already you have completed 2 PhD. What means for you this academic career?

PS: There are great psychologists worldwide that I do admire. My career and my work is just a small contribution in the procedure of finding ways to improve the quality of human relationships among the society. My aim is to motivate my students about the social/economical and psychological matters of the modern person so to be focused on that and at the end through their own scientific work to contribute in the society.

DPN: Describe us in few words your business career up to now?

PS: At the early beginning for 15 years worked in a special teaching unit while at the same time I was preparing my first PhD in order to broaden my horizons. During that time it was my worst period as I realized how fake were some people in front of the others that needed their support. After that I did continue my career as a professor and I do hope to remain there and offer as much as I can.

DPN: Your hometown is the city of Kozani in Greece. Describe us your place.

PS: Kozani is a city in the countryside of Greece. It is located at the Northwest part of the country. The city has a number of educational institutions as well. People here are described as “Surdi” which is a local idiomatic word to describe people that have a specific way of humor.

DPN:  During your childhood did you have any hero?

PS: I had a really difficult childhood. I used to work as a child and also I had a walking issue, things that didn’t really allow to me to have heroes in my life. Maybe the only hero I ever had were the dreams I had while I was a child, the dreams which inspired me to become who I am today.

DPN: Which is the most important phone call you have ever received up to now?

PS: The President of the educational institution in which I am a professor today when he called me and he said “tomorrow at 9.00 in the morning you are becoming a professor”. I was speechless as I saw my dream to become true.

DPN: If you had the power to solve one of the global issues which one would be?

PS: Nowadays, we are not talking about one problem only but regarding numerous problems that were created from the humanity. But if I could choose to solve only one problem then that would be the issue of the poverty which I do consider as a major one.

DPN: Professor which is your future plans?

PS: My future plan will still be research and writing about social psychology and management. I am really motivated to do as much work as possible in this field.

DPN: Describe us your daily routine.

PS: Every morning up to afternoon I am teaching and the rest of the day I am doing my research and also writing new essays. In the evenings I do go out with friends and colleagues and having interesting conversations which usually are about philosophical matters. Moreover, quite often I do have many visitors, people who need psychological support without getting paid for that as I do consider my job as that, I need to offer.

DPN: Share with us some wisdom words that life taught you.

PS: Mahatma Gandhi shared with the world in his thoughts the 7 sins, which I do agree with his way of thinking totally on that.

DPN: What exactly you do see when you look at the mirror?

PS: I do see my “alter ego” which criticizes really hard any mistake that I have done.

DPN: Professor, if your life was a movie what the title would be?

PS: “The man made from marble”.

DPN: May you describe us as a psychologist the definition of the term “Success”?

 PS: to succeed all the small targets that each person is having in his life. This daily success will lead into the total success at the end.

DPN: Describe us the most difficult situation in your life and how did you face it?

PS: Life brings us always in front of a number of difficult situations that we do have to face. I do believe that each person shall have trust in his own shelf so to solve all of them. I shall not name a specific experience of mine and how I did solve it as something like that would sound selfish “nobody is getting born as a hero, the situations make him to seem as that”.

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