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Interview 23: Ross Higham-“Golf isn’t just a game”

This time in DUBAI PROFILE NEWS (DPN), Ross Higham, a really promising professional golfer is sharing with us the reason why sky is the limit sometimes and the way you have to follow so to succeed in. one of the really interesting interviews which has much to say to all the readers of it.

DPN: Ross you are a young and promising Professional golfer. Tell us what golf means for you.

RH: Golf means everything to me it was my hobby and now it is my job.  I consider myself to be very lucky that I am living my dream.  I enjoy all the aspects of golf.  I love playing and practicing, but I also get great satisfaction from coaching all age groups.  Its good to see the improvement children and adults make after coaching sessions.

DPN: from which area of U.K are you coming from? May you describe your place?

RH: I live in Horsham, West Sussex.  This is in the South east of the United Kingdom.  It is a great place to live, as there are great transport routes into London and other parts of the country these can be accessed by both road and rail, also we are close to Gatwick Airport so it is very convenient for international travel.  Horsham is a very old market town that was mentioned in the Doomsday Book, and features on the Bayeax Tapestry.  It is surrounded by open countryside and the South Downs.

DPN: Charles Rosin, a famous screenwriter stated that “Golf isn’t a game; it’s a choice that one makes with one’s life”. Comment us that.

RH: I believe that this is true.  I have been incredibly fortunate to have a very supportive family who has been behind me 100% through my junior and amateur golfing career.  Being able to take part in golf competitions and representing my county has helped me not only with my golf but to be a confident, articulate individual. It has made me learn to dig deep in difficult situations and to face my fears.

DPN: You are one of the most promising golfers in U.K. Tell us some things about your career up to now.

RH: There are a lot of promising golfers in the UK and I would like to think that I am amongst them, at the start of what I sincerely hope will be a long and accomplished career

DPN: Ross, up to now you got a number of awards, which one was the most important for you up to now?

RH: I would say that all of my trophies are special in there own way, I thoroughly enjoyed representing my county against the elite Spanish team in La Manga as all of my family were there to witness it, and several times since I have been approached by several people who have said that they seen my photograph on the clubhouse wall in La Manga, which is great. However even though I didn’t win it I think that the William Hunt Trilby Tour was a defining moment in me deciding to become a professional golfer.  It came down to a three-hole playoff between me and another young golfer, and it was just unfortunate that on this occasion I lost out.  It was a very close thing and quite honestly it could have gone either way.  Again my family were there my brother was my caddie, and I’m not sure who was more nervous me, or my dad.  On the back of being runner up I was invited to play in the professional competition, a few weeks later and I had the privilege of playing with Phillip Archer and David Howell (European tour players).  They were great and very encouraging and I wasn’t out of my depth playing with these guys.  So this finally made my mind up for me.

DPN: What the future holds for Ross Higham?

RH: The future holds a lot of promise for me.  The sky is the limit, as far as I am concerned as I am willing to put in a lot of hard work, sweat and tears to reach my goals.  I believe that anything is possible if you set your mind to it and are prepared to put in the hard graft that is necessary. 

DPN: How far you do believe that you can reach as a professional golfer?

RH: I would like to think that there are great things in store for me in the future.  I believe that you should always follow your dream and never give up on it.  Robert Rock was proof of that this weekend winning the Abu Dhabi Tournament.  He started out his golfing career as the professional at a golf driving range, and this weekend he beat a host of big names including Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods.
I would love to be in that position in the final day of a big tournament one day in the not too distant future.

DPN: Pro Golfers as yourself are always surrounded from sponsors who support their career. What kind of sponsors are you looking for?

RH: I would like sponsors to help me with my tournament fees and all the costs associated to it such as travel, accommodation, and food, as this can be very expensive. At the moment I am unable to play a full season on the many tours that are run over in the UK as I just don’t have the funding. With the economic climate the way it is over here it is very hard to find any business willing to part with their money. I have many sponsor packages in mind that offer great value to the sponsor and would love the chance to discuss them in more detail with anybody who might be interested.

DPN: Who is the greatest golfer in the history in your opinion and why?

RH: Tiger Woods is in my opinion the greatest golfer we have ever seen when you look at his record and the manner of his victories it really is outstanding. I have been fortunate to see him play live when he was at his best. Having watched him with interest over this weekend apart from the final round I thought it was the best I had seen him swing the club for several years and I think he is working on the right things with his new coach. I think this year could be a big one for him, I really fancy him for the masters.

DPN: Is it easy for a young person who is willing to learn golf? What advise will you give?

RH: I teach a lot of young golfers and I believe it is easier for a young person to take up the game, clubs in the UK are now more welcoming and a lot actively encourage junior golfers and run junior coaching events. My advice to any young child interested in taking up golf would be to get you joined or associated with a club. Here you will have junior organizers and PGA professionals who can guide and develop your game. It will also give you the chance to meet other young golfers who you will compete against. The most important thing is you will learn many skills that you will take into all walks of life you will also make friends for life.

DPN: Are you attending other sports apart from golf? Is there any specific club you do follow?

RH: I am a big football fan, and the team that I have followed since I was 6 years old is Arsenal Football Club. They play exciting football, and although they haven’t won any major trophies in the last few years, I believe that you support your team win or loose.

DPN: One of your plans is to relocate in the United Arab Emirates. Why’s that?

RH: The main reason for me wanting to move to the UAE is for a change of lifestyle and culture. I want to challenge myself in a different country and broaden my development as a Professional Golfer. Also with the economic climate the way it is in the UK it will be very hard for me to achieve the lifestyle I am looking for. I think that UAE offers fantastic opportunities for me, the economic situation the weather/climate, the boom in tourism and the global interest in golf are all good reason. I am a very driven person and always looking outside the box and to me the UAE is the most up and coming market in the world with regards to golf and I want to be a part of it. I currently have 1 year left of my PGA degree programme to complete and will be looking to move over as soon as it’s finished.

DPN: Do you believe that there is future for golf in the Middle East?

RH: Absolutely there is a strong future for golf in the Middle East. That is the reason I am looking to move there. You just have to look at the quality of the courses and facilities to see that. The fact that the European tour holds so many events here and the quality of the players that it attracts shows how good it is.

DPN: How do you define success in life?

RH: Quite simply - health, wealth and happiness. To me waking up everyday knowing what I do makes a difference and helping people achieve their goals is a massive motivator for me.

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