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Interview 25: Ramy Aziziah-“Lost souls of distant love”

This time in DUBAI PROFILE NEWS (DPN), Ramy Aziziah (RA) takes us through the magical path of music and through that is presenting us some of his major achievements.

DPN: Ramy, originally you are from Syria; tell us some things about your country.

RA: When I talk about Syria i found myself talking about the rich history it has and how ancient Damascus is, but other than that I can’t talk much because I have grown up and spent all my life in Qatar. I would say that a 32 years man who lived in Syria would answer briefly way better than me, I visited there few times only and up on that I can say it was really nice.

DPN: Do you believe that a solution will come up for your country regarding the sad situation that is facing the last period of time?

RA: I don’t have any kind of a believe regarding this matter because am so lost in this entirely new type of situation happening there and there for I can’t think of a solution, I deeply wish that this will end soon and Syrians with our family’s and friends will live in peace in a peaceful country.

DPN: You grew up in Qatar. What this country means for you?

RA: Well just like anyone who has grew up in any place in this world where your childhood is and all memories and dreams have been based as the surrounding is growing up with the person, all these things create strong connections to the place you live in and it only means one word which is “Home”, that despite any other sad fact that any foreigner will experience while living at this side of the world.

DPN: Many people claims that Qatar is the next hot spot around the world, with many events ongoing, especially after the WORLD CUP 2022 to be awarded to the country. Do you agree with that opinion and if yes or not, why?

RA: It’s not that I agree or not. Obviously its booming here but I personally don’t know where it is going and what will happen more from now until that time.

DPN: You studied music in Qatar National Music Institute. Tell us a bit your experience there and some words about the Institute.

RA: I was 7 years old when I joined the Institute; it was quite big and full of all instruments, but no Guitars! So I studied classical music on piano & violin, the place environments was normal but it had a selected collection of music experts from all around the world, I finished my three years there. Then I found later that they closed down for unknown reasons! Not much to say though I had a lot of boring time there spent on practice.

DPN: Do you believe that Qatar is a country with people who have a good educational background in the field of music or still there is room to grow there?

RA: The majority of people in all the Arabic countries, not only just in Qatar, are into their local traditional music. This is the only educational background of the Arabic nation, which understands really well regarding music. This comes from my experience.

DPN: You started playing the classical guitar self-taught at the age of 12 and you turned into a professional at the age of 20. How easy was that?

RA: It was not easy though I had to focus in both my life and my music, and I knew judging from the environment from which I grew up in, in an earlier age that there must be some sacrifices from my life or my musical life. I did those sacrifices wisely because it was important to me to stand where it’s safe in the end, still, there is some life changing decisions I made that have caused some negative marks which remains in my life for the sake of my musical achievements. Still those will be facing me every day. But even thought, those were the best eight years of my life while my music character was created.

DPN: At the age of 16 you managed to become the youngest teacher in Qatar Music Institute, an achievement that took also a lot of publicity in the country. Tell us some words about this achievement.

RA: One day I’ve heard of the “Qatar private music institute”, and I basically wanted to know what do they have for guitar there, so I went there and decided to join them as a student. Then classes started, first day, second day and at the third day the institute manager came to me and told me with a smile on his face that he discovered my secret: “Ramy, why you are here?” Then, I honestly answered to him: “I am just having fun Sir, filling my time”. He replied to me by saying that it would be fun if I will start teaching the other students. That’s how it started and I stayed there to teach for two years.

DPN: Your biggest concert was entitled “The Classical Guitar Evening”. Take us through this experience.

RA: Out of the all the concerts which I did, this one was the most unique thing ever happened to me. One of my best friends surprised me, so he got sponsors and booked a concert hall for me and just announced that to me. Everything went really fast up to the time of the concert but it was the best among all other performances. The way I felt that evening was “magical”. Also the best audience I ever had attended it. You may watch it even in youtube by simple writing my name there.

DPN: You are a big fan of rock music. Which are your favorite bands?

RA: I like almost everything in rock music, even in metal music. My favorite taste of rock and metal is the instrumental side of it and my favorite musicians are, Tony Macalpine, Marty Friedman, Jason Becker and Joey Tafolla.

DPN: If your life was a song what the title shall be and who the performer of it and why?

RA: My life would be a song called “Lost soul of distant love” and the performer would be “the story teller of dimensions”. The reason is that nothing can be more fantasy than that.

DPN: Take us through a dream that never came true.

RA: Not to be a musician is a dream never came true.

DPN: A great project you did was the “Riding The Silence”. May you describe that for our readers?

RA: “Riding the silence” is my musical identification that reflects and show music the way I see it through my eyes. The name Riding the Silenceexplains the human escape from the new world life essentials which i call the forest of concrete that split the man kind from the natural original that God created us to live it. To a place where a human is real again, the mythical title Riding the Silence is that place where a person separate him/her self to find peace in a silent sphere that remind us of our original self in a middle of the hot life we are living which i call “decorated hel, the music in Riding the Silence” explains the suffering of human soul that is trying to find peace. So you ride the silence to go there. This will be always my solo album musical project that I did alone, that is how it is, solo albums is in working title mode to be released soon.      

DPN: Martin Luther, a German famous professor, said once that “music is a discipline, and a mistress of order and good manners, she makes the people milder and gentler, more moral and more reasonable”. Comment on that.

RA: I don’t completely agree with that aside of my respect to Martin Luther, people react with the music they hear as a receiver side. Musician is a sender side which means that the receiver “people” will have different feelings according to what type of music they are exactly hearing that reflect the psychological mode of the sender “musician”. Martin Luther maybe said that after hearing a certain type of music that delivered them this feelings, he might have heart some of J.S.Bach organ pipe etudes. What I want to say there is that music may translate all type of feelings not just the beautiful sensations and manners he experienced. It’s just that people don’t know that music can be dangerous in some levels when it says “mistress of order and good manners”. There is a music that delivers very bad feelings and can be seriously negative, and there is a music that will let you fly in galaxy’s and gives you a fantasy imagination, etc.

DPN: Recently you became also a business man in the music industry. Talk to us a bit about your company.

RA: it’s a 3 years old establishment that I did with my best friend and brother “Rami Hareth” of “Nervecell” based on our experience in musical instruments and music market in the area. Our SHREDDER’S PLANET music store is the house of B.C.Rich guitars / Cordoba classical guitar / Randall AMPS and others. It’s because we are musicians ourselves so we always knew what other musicians in the regions want starting from the brands ending with instrument care and services. It was a dream for both of us long time ago, then it started small and it grows until it became what it is today. A place for all musicians who are looking for the right treatment for their interests and instruments, 90 % of our customers are professional musicians who trust in our abilities and services, which leave us proud and satisfied. We wish more success to come within the years for us and for our friends in the music industry. You may check more in our website

DPN: Do have any words of wisdom?

RA: Wisdom always comes usually too late; wish I could have it the time when I missed judging things.

DPN: Any specific wish for 2012?

RA: Yes, I wish that all the forthcoming time to bring a better future for all the world.

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