Monday, April 16, 2012

Interview 27: Dimitris Papachristou-“BuildUp means always challenging”

DPN: Dimitri, you are the Chairman in BUILD UP Company. Share with us the story of it.

DP: BuildUp SA constitutes the “next step” for the construction corporation “Christos Papachristou”, which is a company with a substantial, successful and solid presence since 1970 in the areas of residential and commercial development, utilization of selected privately construction projects.
BuildUp SA was founded in 2006 and its main activity is Real Estate Development and Investment Services.

DPN: In what type of projects is your company specialized into?

DP: BuildUp SA main sectors of the projects: residential, tourism and hospitality.              --     Integrated Resorts, Luxurious Holiday Residences – Complex , High End Luxurious Villas,  all of them in the most privileged areas of the Greek islands and mainland.
DPN: What opportunities arising in the Real Estate sector in Greece during the financial crisis that the country is facing?
DP: We can say…….”Greece’s new era”. Moreover, Greek real Estate prices are decreased. Greece is already a landmark. Also, Greece has the necessary manpower and the know-how to meet all requirements of the investments, and at this time at the lowest cost. In addition, in the past there wasn’t any specific regulation regarding Integrated Resorts and Holiday Residences. But this has been changed because recently the State has created a new legal framework for the above sectors, offering incentives in both real estate development and investment.

DPN: Fritz Kunkel, the famous German psychiatrist stated at the past that “to be mature means to face, and not evade, every fresh crisis that comes”. Comment us that

DP: To mature …. means to take responsibility for your life and to face every difficulty as a challenge

DPN: Your Company participates the last years in the CITYSCAPE Exhibition in United Arab Emirates, one of the most successful real estate events in the region of Middle East. What results are you expecting for those participations?

DP: Greece is the new Hot Spot of the European and Southeast Mediterranean Real Estate Market. Our target is to present the opportunities for Investment and Development in Greece and the Projects of our company, in order to attract new investors

DPN: It seems that you do focus a lot in the market of the Middle East, why is that?

DP: We focus in the market of the Middle East because we believe that there is a lot of experience in the field of International and that has not yet entered in the Greek market. Now is the time, because Greece is a flourishing and promising market in the real estate business
DPN: From which countries are coming from your main target group of clients up to now?

DPN: Describe us one of your latest projects.

DP: Planning and Development of a residential and commercial project in the emerging area of Markopoulo, close to new Athens International Airport, and to the exit of the new urban motorway of Attica.

DPN: Do you believe that Greeks is an educated nation in the field of the Real Estate?

DP: Traditionally real estate was a developing market in Greece; it had however a complicated legal framework. For the last years and especially nowadays and due to the crisis it is gradually forward a more scientific approach. Buildup SA is sharing this approach.

DPN: Share with us the weirdest ever thing that ever happened to you in your working life.

DP: As in all jobs that come in contact with many people…… we have faced some weird situation.

DPN: Which one was toughest moment in your business career up to now and how did you handle it?

DP: Lately we faced a changing situation that required a lot of adaptation.

DPN: Which one was the most important phone call you have ever received and why?

From a very important person in Greece, who was interested to have business with Buildup SA.

DPN: Let us know a dream that never became a reality.

DP: I have hopes that my dreams will become a reality in the future.

DPN: How do you spend your free time?

DP: I like travelling with good friends, skiing and playing golf.

DPN: Give a title in the story of your life up to now.

DP: “Always Challenging”


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