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Interview 16: Megaklis Vintiadis-A true legend in the TV

This week in the DUBAI PROFILE NEWS (DPN) Blog we do host Megaklis Vintiadis (MV), a person who spent all his life in the TV industry, a person who created his own legend. One of the most interesting interviews that may teach us loads of things, enjoy it.
DPN: Megakli your origin is from Egypt. What this country means for you?
MV: Egypt is my country. I was born there; I grew up and spent my best years of my life. I was raised in the hug of the river Nile. My life began from Egypt.
DPN: You are a true legend in the Greek TV. May you describe us in some words your story in the TV?
MV: Well, as soon as I left Egypt and moved to Greece I attend for three years the famous that time “Athens School of Arts” of D. Rondiri. Upon my graduation I was working as an actor in Greek Theater. In 1966 there were auditions for three plays. In “Lysistrati” of our ancient Greek  Aristofani , in “Andigoni” a musical play of the well known around the world composer Mikis Theodorakis  and a musical play of another famous composer Stavros Xarhakos called “Monastiraki”. I succeed to all of them, and here I am performing in major cities all around Australia and New Zeeland in the “Festival of Elizabethan Theater Trust of Australia” under the sponsorship of her Royal Highness Queen Mother of England. Then everything came upside down. I fall in love!  You think of a woman?  Unfortunately, I was in love with Television! Throughout our interviews in several TV I was fascinated with this world it was like a spell on me. I felt that television studios was my world, there I was belong. USA here I come!!! I studied in Boston and I worked there as a director, but life is unexpected and my return to Greece was beyond my will. Though I got lucky because Greek Television that time was an “infant” and as a good “father” I took care of this child during the adulthood and its successful life for me and for “her”.
DPN: A number of the today TV stars in the Greek TV owns their success to you. How is your relationship with those people now?
MV: The truth is that I was lucky enough and had the chance to work with the greatest names of Greek cinema. Actors as well as writers and my duty were to give opportunities to others and help them succeed. I have given my knowledge to young generation actors, presenters and anchormen, directors, who all of them have been and they are very successful as we speak. I am proud of them. Personally, I believe in people’s soul, education, respect and ethics. I did what I had to. If some of them appreciate my role in their life and respect it, I am happy. Others are trying to forget. It’s OK who says that life is fare. Although, I love each and every one of them and still I am watching through distance the progress of their carrier.
DPN: Unfortunately, Greece is facing really difficult times. What are the reasons in your opinion that led in this situation in your opinion?
MV: Greece had to know that some time the result would be this. Unfortunately from 1980 and onwards there have been lots and crucial mistakes from all Greek Politian’s. Shall I begin commenting on the Public Sector? Thousands of people were hired for a vote. Millions of Drachmas and Euros were come and go from one pocket to on ether, countless of economic scandals. Lack of public organization, beaurocracy, lack of public health, lack of public education I could write pages with the lack of.  All governments had one and only interest to get voted no matter the cost (short run and long run). Alas, all these have to stop one day. Nevertheless it’s not easy, I could say it’s very hard and it becomes harder while all these politicians who brought Greece in this situation as it today they became Greece saviors. I wish whenever Greece gets out of this crisis, Greeks take a good lesson and learn from their mistakes.
DPN: Who is the ultimate star in the Greek TV and why?
MV: I don’t think that there is ultimate star. In Greek society there’s not such a star system as we are all familiar to. There are many popular and successful personalities all well known artists some of them worldwide. I believe that, a star has a character, an attitude, strong beliefs, education, public recognition and a certain way of life style. If you want me to name someone as a star of today, I should say to you Lakis Lazopoulos. He is talented; he has the acceptance of the public and collects some of the criteria. He is very successful.
DPN: Recently you visited Dubai. What’s your experience from that city?
MV: Dubai is a city phenomenon; allow me to tell you that I could give the Dubai “city of the millennium”. Dubai proves that if a man has vision, ambition, and belief can create anything. My first visit in Dubai left me speechless and every time that I come is a new experience for me. I love Dubai.
DPN: You are a person who has travelled a lot. Share with us some of your travel experiences.
MV:  My life is traveling around the world. Recently, I realized that through my trips all these years I became the person who I am today. It fascinates me the fact that each country either in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, and America has a story to tell. I enjoy learning each culture, habits and way of life, taste the food, feel the air, the smells because each and everyone has its beauties. Needless to tell you, that my favorite countries are those of the Middle East. It’s difficult to share experiences, because every traveler keeps in his hart what “feeds” his mind and soul.    
DPN: If your life was a movie what the title would be and which actor would be the protagonist?
MV:   “Good Night & Good Luck”   leading actor: Al Pacino
DPN: Share with us your future plans?
MV: It was my dream to create a friendly cozy restaurant bar where people will enjoy good food and good wine and spend their valuable time enjoying. Some day in the near future, I want to believe that it will come true. Meanwhile, I consume a lot of time in my wife’s yachting company which has to do with renovation and refitting of motor yachts. It’s a demanding, and very creative activity. 
DPN: Who is your favorite film director and why?
MV: Quentin Tarantino, simply because he is a “psycho”, inventive, and innovative. It takes a piece of “nothing” and he turns it to something.
DPN: Do you have a life philosophy?
MV: Whatever I do in my life “I do it my way”. It may sound selfish, but this is how I survived. It’s all upon survival, and lives a life that every single morning you say “this is a new bright day grab the opportunity and make it happen”. Life is too short. Size the day and live your life as worthy as could be.
DPN: What was the most difficult moment you faced in your business life and how did you manage it?
MV: Our life is a risky business. I take my chances and I move on learning from my mistakes, evaluating each and every moment. Difficult moments come and go all we need is the brain, and soul to overcome these obstacles. Media is a fast paced life fulls of “difficult moments” my belief is that when you have a strong “stomach” and common sense you do not step on the “mud”. 
DPN: Share with us a dream that never came true.
MV:  Once I would love to be a singer! But, when I heard my voice I decided to let others sing for me. I suppose that this dream will never come true. The only place that I sing is my bathroom sometimes.

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